Re: Brisbane Grafton data


Another generous person has sent the following plans with their URL’s below; Casino roundhouse proposal 1931 (2MB) and the 1950 Casino plan for the 105ft turntable for the Beyer-Garratt AD60 class (4MB). As we know, the Garratt, either the original lower axle load type nor the enlarged cylinder diameter (super) type, did not work the North Coast as everyone will no doubt be muttering to themselves by now. But…. Yes…. It is revealed via the 1968 WTT that someone in NSWGR land did include the 60 class (not super type ) in the max speed of engines list with URL below. The super has the double plus sign and is on the right and the other 60 class in in the middle area of the columns. It even includes the Condong mill line, which, you might have guessed, is how I came across it due to my research on that line. Neither of the 60 class had load tables for the North Coast Line in any of the northern WTTs in my collection, including the 1958 one, although the 59 class steamer was in the 1968 north WTT  as far as Sth Brisbane.


Chris S, thanks for the news the 75 foot turntable from Thirroul was removed in 1929 and later installed at Casino.

Peter N, thanks for the reminder the turntable is the wheelbase not the length, so now I understand how the 38 class (76 ft 4 5/8in over buffers) fits on a 75 ft turntable. Plus the overhang business!


1931 Casino loco


1950 Casino loco with 105 ft turntable and the word ‘Garratt’ in the data box lower right corner


1968 WTT loco max speed



Peter Cokley

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