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Hi Pete and all,

Like you Peter, I was very curious and posted some of the following on another email group yesterday and it is similar to your questions.

The 1917 plan with all those locomotive facilities, especially two 75 ft turntables, does suggest someone in Sydney considered the proposed standard gauge right through to Brisbane traffic volumes would need two roundhouses in Casino. The other initial alternative to Brisbane was transhipping at Tweed Heads and that might not require two roundhouses for NSW locos as the QLD side would be QR locomotives, thus less NSW locos. The only other alternative was someone in Sydney thought the local NSW traffic, and any new lines as the Casino Tenterfield one, would expand to need two roundhouses with 75 ft turntables. For the record, the NSW 35 class were 62 ft 10 in and introduced in 1914 before the 1917 date of this plan, so the 75 ft might suggest eventual use of the 35 class or larger locos in the district. Byways of Steam 18 shows NSW 32 class express passenger locos first arrived Lismore 1927 and the standard goods 50 class arrived Lismore Depot 1930 for Brisbane run. Also, in 1917, as people are aware, the line Grafton to Sydney was not finished with the last missing section south of Grafton being the Macksville Urunga section which opened in December 1923, although the trunk route also included the rail ferry across the Clarence River at Grafton until the 1932 bridge.


I read somewhere, but can’t recall exactly where, the decision to build a standard gauge loco depot in Brisbane changed the planning for the size of the Casino one, remembering Casino opened in 1933. The initial QLD standard gauge loco depot was proposed but never built at Park Rd, 2.6km from South Brisbane. I traced the files at QLD State Archives on the standard gauge Park Rd loco depot with the item ID on the following URL which is extracted from that QSA file. I used my camera to obtain these



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This was a grand plan, including a massive carriage shed and “standard” ramped coal stage.      Considering that the through line to South Brisbane did not eventuate until 1930, one must assume that this facility was intended to replace the facilities at Lismore – which were okay when Lismore was the nerve centre of the Tweed Railway, but certainly not so as the line expanded southwards to Grafton.

It would be of interest to be able to read the Report for which this plan was prepared … what were the operating intentions planned?


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A generous person just sent a copy of the NSWR 1917 plan for Casino's double roundhouse arrangement, ie two full size roundhouses, both with 75 ft turntables. What did eventuate was one 75ft turntable, with covering on the southern side only, which opened December 1933, replacing Lismore as main depot for area. Mileage from Grafton. The plan shows the present station which opened 22.9.1930 with the Sth Brisbane standard gauge line, as well as the original 1903 platform and triangle on the Lismore line. The links in my earlier post give other regional data. Cheers Peter Cokley


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