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A generous person just sent a copy of the NSWR 1917 plan for Casino's double roundhouse arrangement, ie two full size roundhouses, both with 75 ft turntables. What did eventuate was one 75ft turntable, with covering on the southern side only, which opened December 1933, replacing Lismore as main depot for area. Mileage from Grafton. The plan shows the present station which opened 22.9.1930 with the Sth Brisbane standard gauge line, as well as the original 1903 platform and triangle on the Lismore line.

The links in my earlier post give other regional data.


Peter Cokley


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Some track plans as well as maps and line histories for Brisbane to Grafton and Casino to Murwillumbah lines, are now available thanks to the generosity of various people who sent these via email. The working plans and sections for the Grafton Casino Murwillumbah Condong lines are included.

Those who read Ian Dunn’s Byways of Steam 18: 'the railway from nowhere to nowhere': the Grafton to the Tweed Railway 1894-1932, published by Eveleigh Press NSW  in 2002, would know about the proposed line from Killarney in Queensland to Legume just over the border in NSW and onwards to Grafton via Bonalbo. While I don’t have plans for that, this download does have plans for parts of the Casino Bonalbo Tenterfield line of which parts of the Casino section were built. Not all proposals went through Bonalbo.

Some other proposed lines in the Tenterfield Casino area are marked on the historical parish cadastrals obtainable from NSW Historical Land Records Viewer. Perhaps start at either Tenterfield Parish or Tabulam parish around a probably era and follow the marked surveys through the adjoining parish maps

Thanks to those who forwarded material including Kevin Spicer and Monty Cello (Niagarapark on QRIG yahoogroup). Others wish to remain anonymous or I have not recorded their names and sorry about that if that is you and send me a private email as I have tried to be careful and respectful with names.

Section 30 of the Grafton Casino working plans and section was unavailable and so I did a substitute page with the history and track plans for Mount Neville at 477 miles 41 chains (768.481km), which was a station on sheet 30.

Also note one of the plans correctly shows what was usually known as South Brisbane Interstate Station as using it correct name of Brisbane as it was known and marked on NSWGR sourced plans in 1930 at the lines opening. The image resolution is the best I have.

Cheers Peter Cokley

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