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Just rechecked my file and realised I had two LCT plans. The one I initially checked had the EE Lucy signature but the other had metric plus imperial data plus the page was of the modern layout and showed text (brake change over load). That suggest the LCT lasted to the NSWGR change over to metric plans.



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Hi Brian and everyone,

What I initially wondered was maybe they just reused the old carriage frame to build the LCT and everything under it and above it was redone.  But it puzzled me as it was seemingly important enough for someone to quote it in the rollingstock list in the 1945 General Appendix. So, I did a bit of checking just now and discovered NSW ‘American Cars’, as an example, had an underframe of four 8in x 3in longitudinal timbers running the full length of the cars between headstocks. These were connected by various cross members and steel rods supporting drawgear etc. Thus cane wagons built using ‘Old Carriage Underframes’ could mean just reusing parts of some or all of these longitudinal timbers and cross pieces? My suspicion now is it was perhaps more of a ‘book entry’ to show the re-use of parts and a way of accounting for the costs of building the cane wagon.


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