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But the LCT, described as ‘Old Carriage Underframe’ on that 1945 GA, are listed as four wheel in the February 1969 NSWGR state wide General Appendix to the Book of Rules and Regulations and to the Working Time-Tables - Part I, as follows; LCT 4W, 24 ft 6 in, 8 Tons;  That suggests the passenger presumably bogie gear was swapped for 4 wheel style in the cane rebuild. Maybe the passenger bogies were reused under other passenger cars.  

I can't see how it would be practical to "swap bogie gear for 4-wheel', as they are so different.

But maybe some old 4-wheel passenger cars were still knocking around? I don't know about Australia, but some 4-wheel passenger cars were still about in the UK in 1945, and 'modern' 4-wheelers were still running around in Germany until well after the war; in fact some new steel bodies were built on the steel frames of wooden bodied 4-wheelers that were destroyed by fire in the bombing, as a way of getting the railways back in action.

Brian Rumary

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