Pyrmont CSR


Can those who knew Pyrmont in Sydney during the CSR refinery era please help (confirm yes or no) the results of  my following investigations. It is to do with an article on Condong in the CSR era. I live near Coolangatta Tweed Heads.


CSR was located with its own ocean going capable ship capable wharf at Pyrmont on the left hand side inbound as you crossed the Victoria Rd bridge, coming from Hunters Hill direction. (Yes or No)


The Metropolitan Goods Line, as shown on Hairylegs (Thanks John P.) did not provide a siding for CSR at Pyrmont and the closest siding would have been somewhere like Darling Harbour. (yes or No)


If both above are true, then any bagged sugar dispatched from Condong via the NSWGR needed transhipping at Darling Harbour or maybe Rozelle after that yard opened.


If above true, and no rail siding for CSR at Pyrmont, what happened with the molasses railed south from Condong? The 1961 NSWGR Local Appendix to the Northern Division Working Timetable P.330 reveals a molasses loading point with 6 outlets was provided at the Condong mill. Things must have changed as photo from 1969 only shows four outlets. The molasses was noted in the LA-WTT as being loaded into MX type Railway Tankers.


I have also consulted the Metropolitan Goods Line article and diagrams in ARH 2016.  



Peter Cokley




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