Re: An introduction and a question

Steve O'Dea

Hi Stuart,


I did not find any of the second tier in my initial searches but since joining this group I have been given significant help and contact details of both companies and individuals who can help.


I’ll update the group when I have further information; at this stage it is looking very positive!





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Hi Steve


While I imagine the big primary contractors of Australia aren’t ideal for your price, what about some of the second tier guys who actually do the work. I see Taylor Rail support big projects, but also medium sized ones as well. They may have a more ‘practical’ approach to what you need on the ground. McLeod rail is a Victorian company who will turn their hand to pretty much anything. I’m sure there are other companies scattered across Australia who may well be suitable for your task and perhaps closer to your site.. The ARA, as peak industry body, might be able to point you in the right direction.


Good luck



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