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Having a balloon at each sounds good in theory, but you end up with massive wheel wear running in the same direction all the time, its better to run in the opposite direction back and forth to equalize wheel wear.
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G'day Steve,

Sounds like you need something like the RFIRT had in Argentina until recently - well, 20 years ago.  750mm gauge, over 250km each way, up to 2000 ton coal trains and steam hauled. Fairly basic track.

The problem is finding the equipment - I daresay you'd have no problem finding the crew!  I suspect you'd be inundated by blokes (and a few women) who'd do your driving and firing for the fun of it !

Have loops at each end - no need for a loco front and back. At 30kph you'd do a couple of return trips in the day - problem solved. It's the equipment that's the snag.    Ex- South African 2ft gauge DE's?  or maybe hire some NGG16 Garratts from Sandstone Estate or North Wales?  Qld sugar in their off-season?

cheers   Phil



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