Re: : An introduction and a question

Phil Rickard

G'day Steve,

Sounds like you need something like the RFIRT had in Argentina until recently - well, 20 years ago.  750mm gauge, over 250km each way, up to 2000 ton coal trains and steam hauled. Fairly basic track.

The problem is finding the equipment - I daresay you'd have no problem finding the crew!  I suspect you'd be inundated by blokes (and a few women) who'd do your driving and firing for the fun of it !

Have loops at each end - no need for a loco front and back. At 30kph you'd do a couple of return trips in the day - problem solved. It's the equipment that's the snag.    Ex- South African 2ft gauge DE's?  or maybe hire some NGG16 Garratts from Sandstone Estate or North Wales?  Qld sugar in their off-season?

cheers   Phil


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