Re: An introduction and a question

Eddie Oliver

On 02.02.2018 00:53, 'Steve O'Dea' [LRRSA] wrote:

This brings me to a question on light rail; the answer to the haulage
question should be "a light rail system" - specifically it should be
low cost, low speed, simple (no turning - tram one way then reverse
back) and efficient. Until finding this forum I had not, however, been
able to find anyone knowledgeable on this topic. I have spoken to a
couple of railway engineering companies but they can only think about
traditional railways designed and engineered to last forever and
costing a large fortune to construct. Is there someone on here who can
advise on a simple and inexpensive light rail system?
4000 tonnes per day and associated empty movements over 60 km may be a challenge for any 'light' system. Are you basically thinking of trucks on rails?

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