Raminea Tas


Sending attempt No.2 and my earlier email with this from yesterday may eventually appear.

Some may have seen the ‘Wake of the May Queen’ on ABC Television on Friday night. Those who did and also remembered what was in LR 253  February 2017 as well as 258 December 2017, would have had a pleasant evening! An honourable mention was accorded to the Raminea sawmill tramway, Port Esperance and the firm of Chesterman and Co, as well as a present day member of that Chesterman family. The Raminea Mill’s Caterpillar D7 frame from LR 253  February 2017, was also briefly on screen. The “May Queen’ was the ketch that transported the sawmill product to Hobart and was the subject of this documentary. 

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Peter Cokley

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