Re: Timber tramway proposed near Launceston, 1855

David Halfpenny

On 17 Jan 2018, at 09:20, frank.stamford@... [LRRSA] <LRRSA@...> wrote:

The link below is to a very interesting item about a timber tramway proposed in 1855 and partly built near Launceston, Tasmania. (Not to be confused with Grubb's Tramway near Zeehan, which operated about 40 years later). There is a very detailed map. I question the statement in the Wikipedia article that this tramway was 3 ft 6 in gauge, as that gauge was almost unknown in 1855. I would like to see some evidence from the period before accepting that!

It’s been corrected to 4’ 6” Frank, which is the old Scotch gauge and very plausible for the period.

David 1/2d

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