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Bit more on the early mills and not known if these early ones had tramways apart from the Rous /  Alstonville operation. Again, this might help someone doing that region.

One of the many (1) early pre NSWGR railway era sugar mills near the future Tweed government railway line, was located at Nashua, between Booyong and Bangalow, and had a staff of 50. (2) ‘Byways of Steam 18’ relates that Tooheys, who owned the Nashua mill, supplied the hogsheads of beer free for the railway’s ‘Turning of the First Sod’. By 1894 the Nashua sugar mill was closed, and its equipment shipped by the vessel Wyoming from Tintenbar in the Ballina district to what the newspaper called the Kolan sugar mill in the Burnett River, QLD, district. (3) The newspaper account did not indicate if the Wyoming reached Tintenbar or if a barge did the local section and transferred the cargo to the Wyoming at the Port of Ballina.  Tintenbar’s wharf reserve was listed in the Government Gazette of 8 January 1887 (4).  


[1] One suggested list of Richmond sugar mills of the 1880s. Northern Star (Lismore) 3 May 1946 P.6

2 Northern Star (Lismore) 16 November 1889 P.4

3 The Bundaberg Mail and Burnett Advertiser 5 November 1894 P.3  

4 Reserve from Sale For Wharf (Tintenbar) Government Gazette 8 January 1887 P.187 and the 1904 version



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Tintenbar is the head of navigation up Emigrant Creek from the Richmond River near Ballina. One of my Tweed Tramway articles discusses the sugar cane transported on the Tweed railway from beyond Bangalow in the 1890s and I came across this Trove; The Bundaberg Mail and Burnett Advertiser 5 November 1894 P.3    


The Tintenbar town plan of 1888 (southern not northern section) from NSW SIX reveals two CSR wharves plus two other wharves within the Tintenbar town area. Best to download that town plan if interested as the relevant streets no longer exist although they show on the cadastral on NSW Globe. Two CSR wharves, maybe an old or newer, suggest CSR interest and maybe a tramway?


Tintenbar is not a main part of my Tweed project so I had better finish and submit all my Tweed articles to LR before I get side tracked on the Ballina region, so maybe this may help some else’s project.



Peter Cokley

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