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John Dennis


I have done some research and asked a couple of knowledgeable friends. Chrome and Firefox (and possibly others) automatically display "Insecure Connection" if a web page includes the word "password" (or something like "enter your credit card details") and the connection is not secured - which means no encrypted. 

That means the mythical "man in the middle" could indeed collect your email and password, but what could he do with that? Buy books on your account, but how can he pay for them? You still need to enter credentials when paying. Every other page, after logging in, are indeed properly secured. 

I'm not certain whether the host of the online shop is able to install a security certificate from the society, which would, in any case, be just for this first page.

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On 30 November 2017 at 09:48, 'Iain Stuart' iain_stuart@... [LRRSA] <LRRSA@...> wrote:

Its common on everything though and doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem. I recall it was a Firefox browser problem which typically their support blamed on everyone’s anti-virus. Whether it is a real world problem is another question. My view is that it isn’t.




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