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Forgot to add that someone sent these to me some years ago, so obviously I don’t claim authorship.



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I offer a very extensive list of 1950s to 1990s list of QR train derailments etc etc in MS Word format. It includes both QR long closed lines thus on topic for LRRSA as well as many events resulting from interactions with QR and sugar mill tramway traffic.  


An example follows and I am not sure what the ‘3’ and B53.5984 indicate although obviously some QR code system; 24/7/53  7m Woongarra branch 3 B53.5984 Collision and derailment of PB15 537 and a Qunaba Mill cane train.


As far as I am concerned, these railway historical research documents are now available for other researchers.


1950s QR derailments etc, 1960s QR derailments etc, 1970s QR derailments etc, 1980s QR derailments etc, 1990s QR derailments etc

All from the one URL



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