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A week or so ago I was looking for the Lismore Tweed Railway working plans and sections (WP&S) to help locate three sugar cane loading spots on the Murwillumbah line as listed in the 1895 Government Gazette by their WP&S mileages.  


The good news is the Murwillumbah to Condong sugar mill WP&S was emailed from a very kind benefactor and is now available from my Google drive via the following URL. I also included an extract from the 1918 Local appendix to the WTT to show the line as listed in the WTT is about five miles longer than the WP&S mileages. Murwillumbah shown as 141 and a half miles from Grafton on the WP&S and 146 and a half miles from Grafton on the 1918 WTT.  


Applying that five mile addition to the distances in the gazette gives the first sugar cane loading point at Talofa between Bangalow and St Helena, the second near the quarry siding north of Byron Bay and the last around Stokers Siding and Dunbible. The gazette that noted the distances as shown on the railway working plans is   


Of course I am not aware if sugar was ever loaded at the first two locations but have a local book noting sugar loaded at Stokers Siding in the early days. We know Crabbes Creek loaded cane onto the government railway for Condong in 1921.



Peter Cokley

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