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Chris Stratton

Mine arrived today and I was very disappointed to find my hometown of Wollongong spelt incorrectly three times in the Industrial Railway News section.





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Nobody seems to have posted a report as yet … however my members’ copy of the latest issue was in my post office Box today, Wednesday.   Thanks guys – another most interesting issue, well produced.



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The mail-out team did a sterling job last night, packing the magazine and no less than five inserts. The mag is now in the hands of Australia Post and (with luck) in members' letter boxes from early next week. I'm not certain when Gordon and Gotch will deliver the magazine to newsagents - that may not happen until closer to the end of the month.

The contents of this issue:

The later years of the Marrawah Tramway (Tas)

The East Greta Coal Mining Company and the European War (NSW)

Singleton Target Range light railways (NSW)

Looking back - Garratt action in the Otways (Vic)

Industrial Railway News - 23 items from around Australia and Fiji

Treasures from Trove: A Dreadful Alternative and a hairbreadth escape (Vic)

Treasures from Trove: The Timber Getters (Vic)

Letters - An interesting rail wagon

Life Memberships: Phil Rickard; Bill Hanks

JLN Southern Award report

Field Reports - Harper’s Mill, Mount Disappointment (Vic) Gauge 1067mm

Heritage &amp; Tourist News - 12 items from Australia and United Kingdom

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John Dennis


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