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John Dennis

Facebook groups have photos, videos and file sections all easily accessible. There doesn't appear to be any way to create folders or directories in the files section, but it is possible to create albums in the photo section. Currently there are 40-odd photos and no albums in the group archives. There are also 2 files.  

The "what I had for breakfast" posts come from friends, or friends of friends, so if you have no facebook friends you should be insulated from those posts.


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Yahoo groups provides easily accessible storage for community files and photos of interest - I'm given to understand that FB doesn't provide this facility ? 

David, does your method insulate you from the 'what I had for breakfast' fraternity ?

Bob Thornton
Skipton AU

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A simple no-data / no-posts / no-‘friends’ Facebook account insulates you from almost all the social nastiness that Facebook haters hate.

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