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Frank Stamford

Hello Bob,

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Yahoo groups provides easily accessible storage for community files and photos of interest - I'm given to understand that FB doesn't provide this facility ? 

Facebook Groups does provide a facility for members of a Group to upload files to a "Files" section.

The "Light Railways of Australia" Group has only been open since last Thursday so it is too early to judge how much this will be used, but there are already two pdf documents in the Files section.

The Group seems to have got off to a good start and now has 148 members spread over a wide geographic area, both in Australia and overseas, and some of the overseas members have made very good contributions to the discussions.


David, does your method insulate you from the 'what I had for breakfast' fraternity ?

Bob Thornton
Skipton AU

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A simple no-data / no-posts / no-‘friends’ Facebook account insulates you from almost all the social nastiness that Facebook haters hate.

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