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David Halfpenny

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Yahoo groups provides easily accessible storage for community files and photos of interest - I'm given to understand that FB doesn't provide this facility ?  


A Facebook Group provides on the left a Menu comprising:

- Discussion

- Events

- Members

- Videos

- Photos

- Files

then Search

On the right there’s a blather of Ads - unless you 'fix ‘em good' with FB Purity.

In the window between comes whatever you clicked-on from the Menu.

Discussion means the list of posts, with all comments on each post bunched below whatever’s being commented on.
The time order is Latest COMMENT on top (so a noisy beggar can deliberately keep a pet conversation at the top of the heap).
Posts are truncated to squeeze more onto the screen, though not as much as on Yahoo website, and you can see the full contents, by pecking at See More on each one in turn. 
So when making several points, it’s as well to state each in the first line of a separate Comment, or only the most obsessive readers will see they are there.

In other words, it’s structured like a php Forum, but with every damned Post becoming a new Topic - without a Title, and damnably hard work to read. 

So it’s lucky that, totally unlike ‘ordinary Facebook’ there IS a basic Search facility.
It’s little more than a CTRL F  (cmd f on Mac) but nevertheless welcome.*
In the early days of a Group, you can zoom swiftly in on every mention of, say, ‘Shay’. Try it on LRRSA.
As the Group matures, the Results will get too long to manage, but by then FB may well have sharpened its act.
* I imagine it would NOT be on 'ordinary Facebook' :-)

You can opt for email notifications when new posts or comments arrive, to prompt you to visit, and avoid needing to visit during silences.

A simple no-data / no-posts / no-‘friends’ Facebook account insulates you from almost all the social nastiness that Facebook haters hate.

David, does your method insulate you from the 'what I had for breakfast' fraternity ?

Almost entirely. 
ALL the FB Groups I’m on have been 100% on-topic - so far.

Because people are posting directly below a specific header - in our case, LRRSA plus three little cane engines - they tend not to ‘exfoliate’ any more self-indulgently than the same person would on a topic-specific Email Group.
Besides, there’s an armoury of useful Moderator tools to deal with Wallies and Trolls: 

Taken together, those insulate us from scattergun personal announcements made to the great wide world at large, from holiday snaps, and from kittens.
It’s been a relief to Un-Friend (discreetly) all those Narrow Gauge buffs who hold forth endlessly about beer and folksong, because I can now enjoy their undiluted Railway selves on those Groups we share.

David 1/2d

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