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David Halfpenny

On 18 Sep 2017, at 01:38, John Dennis jdennis412@... [LRRSA] <LRRSA@...> wrote:

Isn't Adblock Plus a marvellous add-in for Chrome. I never see ads on Railpage, nor on most other sites. Can't stop Facebook though. 


Adblock and Adblock Plus are also available for other browsers too.
But are they ethical? I think so.

Although it’s often said we should accept ads because they "pay for the service", the underlying reality is that it’s actually purchases made from ads that pay for services. Since I never buy anything from an intrusive or distracting ad, nobody loses any actual money by me blocking those ads. On the other hand, I spend quite a lot of money from ads that are not distracting or intrusive.

Facebook is another matter, and the way to manage that is with FB Purity (Google it).
It’s not an all-or-nothing fix: you get to select what you see and what you don’t.

Here’s my clean and non-distracting LRSSA page, showing the FBP tab on the header bar:

Thank you Frank for the Group and the welcome.

I confess I much prefer Yahoo, but since I don’t know how much longer Yahoo Groups will last, I’m keeping Archives.

David 1/2d

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