Re: : New Facebook Group: Light Railways of Australia


Railpage is interesting as obviously it is not a closed groups with people of the same interest as it is viewable by anyone without signing in. The adds you see on Railpage are on your computer only and are determined by what the internet companies (cookies etc) have found out about you. One funny example was one person bitterly complained on the public Railpage forums about porn adds on Railpage and claimed that he was a family value man and objected to porn adds on Railpage!! Eventually someone told him that he had just told the world at large that he watches internet porn as the Railpage adds on his computer were determined by the cookies on his own computer!!! Most likely that person deleted his revealing post.


This use of cookies can be checked by visiting Railpage and cross checking the adds against what you have been researching lately. As a test, visit a few airline sites and pretend to book a ticket. Soon after the Railpage adds could well be about airline cheap deals!



Peter Cokley

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