Re: : New Facebook Group: Light Railways of Australia

Philip G Graham

I was in IT for some years up to the early 2000s, so I do have some appreciation of cookies and the like, and hell yes, Google has my number already (so did Alta Vista and that didn't do them any good...) Anybody with my personal information as it stands now with me in retirement will have a very lean time trying to utilize it - I am one very uninteresting dude with no Loyalty cards!

I guess I just don't like the method of commercialization with some the App-type apps (click-based monetization) these days. I still like text-type text with proper grammar and neat readable presentation, but as you say I am probably "...cutting my nose off in spite of my face..." information-wise. I don't like any of the targeted feeds and/or adverts being directed at me without my consent - leave these well in the background please. I like the idea having the Group access for me in a very plain format (thanks D 1/2d), with items that I can switch on or off at will. K-I-S-S.

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

Back to on-message now. If anybody can detect if there are construction railways being used within the tunnels projects now progressing in Perth - Forrestfield-Airport Link; Melbourne - North-South Metro; Sydney - North-South Metro, could they please post affirmation here, please. At the moment this info is proving very difficult to determine.


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