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John Dennis

Sorry all,

The subject of Alan Williams presentation, and subsequent two part article in the ARE Magazine, was his recent visit to the various narrow gauge railways in Romania. 


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Greetings all,

The LRRSA Shop has some new or updated, or "missing in action" publications available. 

A new book is another of Nick Anchen's wonderful series. Titled "Iron Roads in the Outback" the book covers the three "outback" Commonwealth Railways lines - the Trans-Australian, the Central Austraila and the Northern Australia Railway. Although a book on these railways would not normally be considered to be part of the LRRSA sales list, this book has a substantial portion dedicated to the two narrow gauge lines, which was we all know, were quirky enough to be almost considered as light railways. It's a substantial work, of 208 pages in landscape format, with 230 colour and B&W photos. The cost is $69.95 or $62.95 for members.

Another publication of Nick's has been re-released in a third, revised and updated edition. "Puffing Billy, Spirit of the Dandenongs" has a slightly smaller page size than it's predecessors, but 30% more pages (108), and has bigger photographs. This is a great book to give as a gift, as it is a fine introduction to the Puffing Billy railway. Cost is $36.00 ($32.40 to members)

We also have the revised (third) edition of "Climax, a locomotive resurrected" which brings the story of the second restoration of the Climax operating on the Puffing Billy railway up to date, covering the locos activities since being released to traffic. 32 pages with a mix of colour or duotone photographs. $10.00 (just $9.00 to LRRSA members)

When we ran out of stock of Peter Manning's excellent book "The Anatomy of the Darjeeling Garratt and the Engine it tried to Replace" we thought it was out of print, a thought reinforced when Camden Miniatures announced a reprint. However Peter had some stock of his own which he has provided to the Society, so we are pleased to announce that this book is now available again. Price is $39.95 ($35.95 for members). 

Finally, following Alan Williams excellent presentation to the Melbourne group meeting back in April, we have stock of the two issues of Australian Railway Enthusiast which contain his wonderful and evocative photographs. The second of these two issues also has some brilliant "steamy" photographs of the South Maitland Railway. We are selling the two magazines as a bundle, $9.95 for the two ($8.95 members price). 

Members will be able to order these from the Sales List included with the next issue of Light Railways. They can also be ordered online by going to and following the link.

John Dennis
LRRSA Sales Officer

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