Re: : New Facebook Group: Light Railways of Australia

Frank Stamford

Hello Philip,

On 14/09/2017 12:09 PM, [LRRSA] wrote:

I hope that similar information will continue to be published on this Group website for as long as is possible, because I am one of the "old fogies" who is distrustful of F....bk. Mind you, I guess e-Mail through Google, Yahoo and etc is not that much better?


This Yahoo Group will remain operational for as long as its members keep using it, or for as long as Yahoo retains their Groups in operation.

But that does not mean that everything that is published on the Facebook Group will be repeated here. That would require an unreasonable amount of work on someone's part.

There are many Facebook Groups which are very well managed, and which perform admirably. A lot of them are history groups. Through those Groups a lot of newly found historic photographs have turned up and have been identified.

It is intended that Light Railways of Australia will be one of the well managed Groups, just as this Yahoo Group has been well managed.

From what I have seen, I think it is possible to keep undesirable posts (such as spam) out of a Facebook Group more easily than it is with Yahoo Groups. Yes - you can easily point to Facebook Groups which are undesirable, but they are undesirable because of the way they are managed.

In any case you can look at the Light Railways in Australia Facebook Group without joining Facebook by going to this website:

Going to that website is not harmful, but there are some beautiful photographs there! Not a lot at this stage, but bear in mind the Group has only been Public for about four hours, but it already has about 62 members.



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