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Kevin Sewell

Who knows what logic they used in 1892, but that regime is contrary to the current "rules of the road" for channel markers whereby a starboard marker is to be passed to the starboard side when proceeding UPstream, not down. It is entirely possible that the reverse terminology/regime was applied to wharves but thats not logical or consistent. Possible but not logical. 

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The 1892 NSW government wharves list uses the left and right side of river terminology. Cudgen wharf is shown as right bank and Tweed Heads left bank. That only matches if heading downstream. Any folk here know if that downstream terminology assumption is correct?  


My topic is wharf tramways on the Tweed including the ones fed by sugar tramways, either permanent or temporary paddock lines.


I have the 1892 Wharf list, as it was, from the PWD annual report, at my google drive site   



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