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Brad P

          Many thanks for that.
  Had not given much thought to it when I started playing around with the idea of a Moreton Mill website.
  I started mapping out the tracks mostly to aid my memory of where everything was. But then others got interested.
  When someone mentioned the legalities, I though I better look into it.
  Thanks again for you help.

Best wishes

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Hi Brad,

I checked the Google Earth website for the rules you mentioned and agree with your understanding that the hobby not for profit use of GE and your acknowledgement of GE as the source, would appear to be legitimate. In a similar manner, as I am not a lawyer, I have contacted various QLD government departments’ legal advisers or legal counsellors, as some term themselves, regarding the various QLD government sourced documents I have used and placed on the internet for my research. Their replies show they are not worried about authentic factually accurate historical hobby research or use by not for profit organisations in their society publications. Like Google Earth, the government departments want to be acknowledged as the source and don’t want their good name tainted by the use of their material. This was not always the case with QLD government agencies and improved once QLD started releasing their historical data via 'Creative Commons CC:By licence'.


QR, in particular also requested any hobby website not appear like the QR website so as not to confuse QR customers.



Peter Cokley


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Hi everyone, Just want to put a question to the collective knowledge here.

  The last couple of days I have been reading through the Google rules governing the use of Google Earth and Streetscape images. This brought on by an inquiry I received regarding the legality of doing what I am doing.
  My main interest is in GE, my using images on a new website showing the former locations of mill tramlines.

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