Indonesian oil-fired industrial tank loco

Frank Savery

Hi Guys,

About 15 years ago, when I lived up in Sunny Queensland,I was Hon. Sec. of the S. E. Queensland branch of the LRRSA  and we had a nice guy who came every so often to give us a lecture and enthrall us with his photos of early Indonesian industrial steam locos.

He showed some fascinating photos of a small tank loco which had been converted to oil-firing and to store the fuel they had adopted the novel expedient of strapping a couple of 44-gallon oil drums up on top of the roof so that the diesel fuel fed by gravity into the firebox furnace.

I always liked the idea, and Now, I'd like to kitbash one of my small On30 steamers into an oil-fired loco using this idea, BUT, now, I can't remember If the two 44-gal drums were strapped up on top of the cab roof or on the top of the firebox in front of the cab.

I wonder If anyone can recall seeing a photo of this kind of Indonesian 'backwoods' engineering on the internet, in a book or in a video ?

If so, I'd be very grateful If the could point me towards it.

Thanx. Much appreciated.

Frank Savery,

w-a-y down south in Tasmania


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