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The photo is not of Nobbys breakwater, but shows 'Coffee Pot' on Tom Howley & Co.'s Glenrock Colliery line.  This loco was the motor potion of the combined car built by Hudson Bros. in 1887 for Saywell's Rockdale Tramway.  It came to the line via the Toronto Tramway and the cab was cur down, as shown, to fit through the tight tunnels on the Glenrock line.

Richard Horne

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I took a screen image of the Facebook page and can forward that via personal email if you have trouble finding the original. My email would be with this message in the usual yahoogroup position.
Peter Cokley
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A ‎Rod Roach‎ posted an image others have said is at Nobbys Breakwater Newcastle NSW on to Facebook; Trains Down Under TDU. It shows what seems to be steam powered motive power hauling a single freight wagon and seems to be rail mounted. Some here might be interested. On a side note, I am grateful for Ian McNeil’s mention in Light Railways 245 October 2015 P.34 that the NSW Dept of Public Works Annual Reports
1888+ are available for download from  the following as I have found some very interesting Tweed date there  
Peter Cokley

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