Re: Cave Hill Siding near Lilydale

David in Avenel

Yes thank you I did see that thread.  Unfortunately I don't have any confidence with people who do not put their real name on the post and before you comment on this, I do realise that if they put John Smith how would I know that was their real name.  It is a real problem which is why I nearly always tend to read and then go and find out the supporting evidence.   Now having mentioned the nom-de-plume; I do know who Dutton Bay is but who is Ballast Plough and Lad Porter not to mention the myriad of Chief Commissioners, who are they and what is their historical background?  Yep fussy I know but in historical research you can't be too careful.
best wishes,  
David in
{Before you change anything, learn why it is the way it is.)

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