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There was a WAGR branch to the weir so the loco in the photo would be a WAGR one.  The reservoir not only served Perth but the Coolgardie goldfields water pipeline.  Quite a milestone in WA's history.  Google it and you will find articles and many photos & films (old and new).  The weir was built from 1898-1902 and years later its height was increased.

Richard Horne

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The cover of the most recent Engineering Heritage Australia magazine has a great front cover photo of the construction of the Mundaring weir. It includes temporary track across the dam wall for the steam crane, an incline bringing materials to the site and a steam loco and wagons sitting at the top of the site. A great cover, see it at

A quick survey of published LR material revealed nothing regarding the dam construction. Was there a government line to aid construction or was it run by the relevant water authority? What is known about the construction of this dam?

Stuart Thyer

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