Feee map data from Clip and Snip


Clip and Snip is a data delivery interface run by the Surveyors that used to be under Land and Property Information (NSW).


Its direct url is  https://maps.six.nsw.gov.au/clipnship.htm or you go through Spatial Services http://spatialservices.finance.nsw.gov.au/ and then the Spatial Services Portal.


What is does is access the NSW wide databases of Cadastral and Topographic information held by Spatial Services and generates a zip file containing an extract of that information in either Shape (for ArcGIS or QGIS) or tab format (Mapinfo). This can then be used to upload into your GIS should you have one.


Once in the GIS you can freely edit the data and much around with it.


You can search by Local Government Area (post-reform) or a bounded area of up to 3000 square km and you choose either Cadastral data or Topographic data. You select the area and download it. The order is processed and a link to the download is sent to your nominated email address. You can click on the link and download the data as a zip file.


It used to be $75.00 per order. I have been gradually accumulating data as projects allow. However in mid-January I was told it was free so I have been downloading since then.


A tip is that if you search by LGA everything seems to be clipped to the boundary of the LGA which means you may get half a county or parish shape. However if you are using the bounded areas option you get the whole shape (and any polygon that runs outside the bounded area.


Having downloaded the entirety of NSW in Cadastral LGA’s I found the Counties were clipped. As it was too much of a hassle to muck around with the County shapes so I when through and downloaded 58 bounded areas which got me the 141 counties!


There is a problem with the download of Unincorporated area (maybe a 10th of NSW) I got a weird series of files – sometimes the exact same file several times.


The Cadastral download lacked Counties – which I know are there as a layer because I can finding them if I download a bounded area. The shape file for the LGA boundary is also very odd. The Topo download lacks the railway – the main railway to Perth! – Again if I download a bounded area the railway is there. The contours also seem quite odd.


The Spatial Portal replied to my query as follows “there has always been issues with ‘Unincorporated Area’ extraction via the clip and ship service. This is due to the disparate nature of the defining polygon, and limitations with clipping data in FME”, so that’s the reason from the problem.


Probably this free data not much use if you don’t have a GIS – I started with the ESRI products but am learning the free open-source GIS – QGIS and it seems fairly easy to learn. There are quite a few good videos on You Tube to help.




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