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A Christmas card I sent airmail from here in the UK to Adelaide, post marked 5th December, arrived on 23rd January.  Just pointing out that it's not only the LRRSA that is suffering at the hands of Oz Post.

Richard Horne

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Hello Lynn,

I am sorry if these messages are annoying you, and in normal circumstances I could understand why.

But circumstances are not normal at the moment. Australia Post is completely unpredictable, and very difficult to deal with, especially if we do not have hard evidence of delivery times to feed back to them.

The October magazine disappeared in the postal system for about ten days, and Australia Post denied that anything was amiss. The December issue disappeared for even longer. And now the February issue seems to have gone through the system with no delay at all, at least to Melbourne and southern NSW. So far we have had no reports from anywhere else. I hope others will not be deterred from reporting to us.

Whilst the postal service is so unpredictable it is very useful to the LR distribution team to build up a picture of how long it is taking for the magazine to get around Australia.

We want the magazine delivered in a timely manner, and we want members to get it before it goes on sale in newsagents.

The members of this Yahoo group were invited to give responses on when they received the magazine. Those who have responded have helped us in trying to work out what is going on in the postal system. They have not been bragging about the delivery, nor agonising over it.

The agonising has been with those responsible for scheduling, packing, posting, and getting the magazine to members. It is currently a discussion point at each of our committee meetings.

The Yahoo group is the best method of communicating this information at the present time. It has a good sample of our membership throughout Australia. Setting up a separate email address or discussion group is not practical, as it would not have such a wide membership.

Nor can the moderators suppress the messages before they arrive, that is not possible.

It takes but a fraction of a second to delete messages which are of no interest. Surely that is not such a big imposition in these strange times?




On 31/01/2017 1:32 PM, A C Lynn Zelmer lynn@... [LRRSA] wrote:
Apologies to members communicating in good faith, but do we have to put up this every issue?

Surely the LRRSA could set up a separate e-mail address, or even a discussion list, for those members who feel the need to agonise over or brag about the delivery of their individual copy.

In the meantime perhaps the moderator could simply suppress all messages relating to the delivery or non-delivery for the rest of us on this list!

Best wishes, Lynn

On 31/01/2017 11:56 AM, pollux1au@... [LRRSA] wrote:
My copy arrived at Yass, NSW this morning.

Alf Atkin

Lynn Zelmer
Box 1414 Main Post Office
Rockhampton, QLD 4700 AUSTRALIA

Posted by: A C Lynn Zelmer

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