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Stephen Percy Larcombe

This book gives a good run down on the history of semi-circle huts: Quonset Hut Metal Living for a Modern Age by Julie Decker and Chris Chiei

I had also been in contact with the historical society at Quonset in the USA, and get a set of drawing and construction plans when I erected an old 40x100 foot hut.



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Having finally got the latest LR, (loved the cover BTW)  I note in the letters page the question of Nissen vrs Nissan has arisen. As an author of some papers on the history of Nissan and Quonset huts I think this error is more a determined effort from MS Word to correct to the wrong spelling. Even though I added the correct word into my custom directory Word still kept changing.


If members are interested I have written two papers on huts which are available on-line at Academia ( ).




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