Re: 'Treasures from Trove' in 'Light Railways' N0.251 October 2016



I also am at a loss to understand how these two fillers can be objected to.  Depending on personal taste, they are as interesting or uninteresting as any other article.

In my view, if anything 'jarred with and broke up the flow of the magazine', it was the two pages given over to GPS.  I would have been happy with a brief paragraph…and, oh dear,  we are promised a follow up article!


Richard Horne

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Hello to all readers of 'Light Railways',
The Light Railways editorial team is looking for some feedback from readers on the two ‘Treasures from Trove’ items in LR 251, October 2016. These were ‘New Mountain Railway’ on page 15, and ‘Kingston’ on page 22.

The editor received comments from one reader that the items ‘jarred with me and broke up the flow of the magazine’.

These were last minute space fillers, which the editors thought would be of interest to readers. Consequently we were planning to continue using such items as space fillers. But if many readers find them jarring we might have to review that.
(wearing LR Associate Editor hat)

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