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Hello all,
A bit off-topic but looking at a front page article in the Australian Financial Review ( during the week got me thinking.
There was the comment "He [a British industrialist] has been flummoxed for more than 25 years as to why Australia didn't ever become a steelmaking force in the world, given the enormous amount of raw materials it has in the ground, with vast iron ore deposits and big coal mines to supply coking coal."

I can understand this - given the vast mineral resources Australia has, it is disappointing to see that so little 'value adding' seems to be taking place in this area. Surely this would be of real economic benefit?
The 'Iron Boomerang' project ( seems like an excellent idea in this respect, but so far, little seems to have occurred 'on the ground'.

Comments welcome.

John Cleverdon
Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia
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