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John Cleverdon <johnc@...>

Hello Iain/all,
Some further comments about drones.
Last year at work, we hired an external company to fly a drone over a couple of development projects we are involved with (Martha Cove at Safety Beach and Marriott Waters at Lyndhurst), recording some impressive MPEG4 video. This was 1280*720 resolution and 30fps. These clips aren't online but looking at them on my home or work PC's indicates pretty good quality (a 6-minute clip is nearly 600MB in size).

Developers at a couple of other projects we are involved with have also got some drone video footage of their own for the official websites; these are at: - Jubilee at Wyndham Vale - Habitat at Tarneit

I was also at a professional conference a couple of weeks back (coincidentally with a 'heritage' theme) and one of the speakers (Anton van Wyk from Spatial Technologies - was talking about using drones and data capture at heritage sites; this included (as an example) using a drone to help create a 3D 'point cloud' model of the conference venue.
If/when this talk is put online, I'll try and remember to post the URL here.
The trade displays included some drones as well, one being a 'flying wing' design while another was a larger circular 'eight-rotor' drone.

John Cleverdon
Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia
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