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David Halfpenny

I took over a Yahoo Group serving a worldwide railway association and, at the request of members, I started a php type forum in parallel with it. Yes, there was a learning curve - I had to learn HTML to customise the forum, and members had to learn to upload photos.

I myself prefer Yahoo, and some of my best members hate the php Forum but, if Yahoo dies, it’s what will take over.

The php Forum has overtaken the Yahoo Group in total membership, though not in active membership. The people who prefer it to Yahoo do so very strongly:

- While I share your dislike of having to log-in to read the messages, many people like the way you can select which Topics they get email notifications about. Indeed they like the way they can ignore things they aren’t interested in. 

- People also like the way the forums turn into a serious of ‘communal blogs’ which are very good for words-and-pictures storytelling. So somebody with a busy life can settle down at a weekend and read through a week’s worth as if it were a magazine. Unlike Yahoo, every photo is embedded in the right place within the text.

- After each Topic has quietened down a bit, I go through it editing out all the material that doesn’t contribute to the telling, such as greetings, congratulations, wrong information. This means anyone reading through it from start to finish gets a compacted consistent version/

- Since then Yahoo, in its determination to ape Facebook, has made it very hard to follow a Thread online because of the endless unpacking and scrolling needed. The old-fashioned php Forum retains Pages that are easier to scroll through.

David 1/2d 

On 4 Nov 2016, at 22:53, John Cleverdon johnc@... [LRRSA] <LRRSA@...> wrote:

Hello all,
On the topic of 'what will happen if/when Yahoo finishes up', my main hobby is astronomy and in the local astronomy club we've had a highly successful Yahoo group ( for many years.
However, with the future of Yahoo not being certain, some members have recently set up a web-based forum using PHP ( for members. It will have a similar design to the much larger 'IceInSpace' amateur astronomy forums (

The only downside with this is that so far, it seems that you actually have to login in the web browser to view the messages; you can't get them in your email inbox (at least with Thunderbird) but can only get messages when new postings are made.
There is still a learning curve with this, so we are yet to work out all of what can or can't be done with PHP.

John Cleverdon
Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia
John's web page:

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