Re: Future of YahooGroups and alternate options

John Cleverdon <johnc@...>

Hello all,
On the topic of 'what will happen if/when Yahoo finishes up', my main hobby is astronomy and in the local astronomy club we've had a highly successful Yahoo group ( for many years.
However, with the future of Yahoo not being certain, some members have recently set up a web-based forum using PHP ( for members. It will have a similar design to the much larger 'IceInSpace' amateur astronomy forums (

The only downside with this is that so far, it seems that you actually have to login in the web browser to view the messages; you can't get them in your email inbox (at least with Thunderbird) but can only get messages when new postings are made.
There is still a learning curve with this, so we are yet to work out all of what can or can't be done with PHP.

John Cleverdon
Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia
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