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Noel Reed

Hi Eddie,

What do you consider the correct usage of capitals for railway terms such as Main line, Branch line, Refuge loop, Goods siding,  Crossing loop, or with company names such as AI&S siding, BHP siding, Goninan’s siding,  Shell siding, Arnott’s siding.


Noel Reed.



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[By the way, Cardan is capitalised after its Italian inventor, in the same kind of way that Watt and Joule are, but gram and metre are not.]


It would be rare in Australian usage for anyone to capitalise watt or joule (when used as units), and more generally it is common practice to de-capitalise anything that has got into widespread use in ordinary language (like biro or cardan shaft).  If you are the originator of a product, you know it has become an integral part of daily life if it loses its capital letter.

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