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Noel Reed

I have noted the recent problems with Light Railways No 251 despatched via the postal system. Several years ago I was sent a group of rare colour slides via express post but they never arrived despite my subsequently doing a ‘letter box drop’ throughout our local area.


I now mainly purchase rail literature at the accredited book shop or via our local newsagent.


Noel Reed.

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Hello all,

If anyone does receive their copy in the mail, please let me know.

From what I can gather, no copies have been received anywhere !

I made enquiries of Australia Post "Cutomer Service" today and they
confirmed that the trolley containing them left Emerald post office the
day they were posted, and said there was no way of tracking them from
there. Their cavalier approach to apparently mislaying a whole trolley
dismays me. I have done some googling to find out how to escalate this,
which I will do on Monday.



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