Re: A Sentinel Steam Locomotive in Tasmania?

Noel Reed

Was the Tasmanian Sentinel locomotive like one of  these ?


Noel Reed.


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Hello Ian,

Very interesting photographs.

Britton's tramway and that locomotive - with pictures of it intact - appeared in Light Railways No.143.



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Hi everyone

I’m not very familiar with some of the tramway “locomotives” derived from road traction engines, but I attach some photos I took in 1976 at Britton’s Swamp, Tasmania.  They show what appears to be an abandoned road traction engine, a Marshall?.  (I lost a lot of sweat that day brush hooking back the blackberries to get a good look at it!)

I was assured by Mr Britton, who owned the land, it was used as a locomotive on their family timber tramway.  I also seem to remember seeing an old photo of the engine in its operational state on track.  I also remember being in Mr Britton’s shed inspecting the chains which drove the bogies on which the engine apparently sat.  No photo I’m afraid.

On a CD, I sent a copy of these photos, with other tramway photos of other subjects, to Bruce Belbin in 2009.  He was editor of LR at the time.



Ian Barnes






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