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Tony Smith

These 1943 images are what has been incorporated into the NSW Land Information site Six Maps, with the added bonus that you can switch between the current day and 1943 at all levels of resolution.

Go to the top right of the image and click on "Basemaps" to access the 1943 images.

The rail networks in the Rosehill/Camellia were the site in ww2 of an extensive US/Australian war stores area, which have been covered in a previous Light Railways.

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The RTA [now RMS ] produced a CD of aerial photos over Sydney  called  "From the Skies "  taken  in 1943 . I think it was published about 2005 .  Given that photography was still a  bit  rough in those days you can pick out some rail lines around  the Rosehill area which were industrial lines . I don't know if this CD is still available   , I purchased mine at  the RMS  head office  at 260  Elizabeth St. Sydney .

   Cheers   Tom J.

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             This link shows a Google Earth image of the location.
  The arrow shows some of the narrow gauge system. There was a crane over it some years back, but does not look like it was still there at the time of this image.

  Think the address of the old ARHS shop was 27 Belmore St. Spent a lot of money in that place on old issues of Railway Digest :-)


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I have a Sydney c1972 rail map on line for those non locals like me who need a map to identify this Sydney siding. Locate the Carlingford line and trace it back to find the DMR name right under the word “Rosehill”.

The map dating data is bottom right. I purchased this from the ARHS NSW shop in the 1970s when they had a shop at Surry Hills near Central Station, Sydney.

Peter Cokley 

Brad Peadon 2 Jul 2016 wrote; Howdee, was told that this old building is being demolished. There was a very small narrow gauge system within, that was mentioned in Light Railways (my report IIRC) some time back. Brad


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