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Hi Michael,

How delightful and authentic, albeit a celebration of carnage. You must have had a ball!


Bob McKillop



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Dear all,


Greetings from the United Kingdom.


Last weekend I visited the Apedale Valley Light Railway in Staffordshire for their Tracks to the Trenches event.


The event commemorated the centenary of the expansion of the British light railways in 1916 in the Great War.


In addition to the trains, what made the vent so special were the vintage vehicles and military re-enactors. There were no hi-viz jackets, no protective fences - people we free to walk around the site.


It was a brilliant event! Photographs can be seen here: 



I've had a go at making some of the images black and white. These images are quite good:





Take a look if you're interested.


Michael Chapman

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