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Noel Reed

A problem with so called ‘lazy points’  at Sydney EMU train car depots was that simple spring levers which are supposed to snap over  when trailed do not completely close fully against the opposite stock rail. This can be caused by lack of maintenance or failure to clean debris below the switch blade. There have been cases of tram derailments  and of  bogie or articulated trams taking different routes due to blockage or damage to the ‘in road’ toggle spring mechanism.


NSWR S&C Branch developed a spring point mechanism which was larger than the simple Thompson or Thornley  types, but it was almost impossible for a trailing movement to leave the blades ‘half over’. This was developed to prevent derailments at train depots which can result in major delays at periods when trains are to leave before peak periods.


Noel Reed.


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This may be an example at Cape Point (east of Cape of Good Hope), South Africa.

Rod Hutchinson

Registrar: Australian Narrow Gauge Railway Convention, Easter 2017

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The Wellington Cable Car in NZ ( Things To Do in Wellington | Wellington Cable Car ) is a cable operated single track incline with a passing loop in the centre. There are two cars, one on each end of the cable, and 5 stations, equally spaced apart so that when one is at the top (Kelburn), the other is at the bottom (Lambton Quay). When one is at Clifton station, the other is at Salamanca. Both meet in the passing loop station at Talavera. The passing loop is operated with lazy points, with the points lying in the position that they were last trailed through.


I have a recollection that the Peak Tram, in Hong Kong also operates in the same way.

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I am giving a talk to the Mt Victoria Historical Society on Saturday about forgotten technologies, and I am including lazy points, i.e. self-operating points used on 2’ gauge tramways and gravity inclines in 19th century.

Can anybody tell me if they are still used anywhere?



Philip Hammon

190 Cliff Drive

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