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True, Kevin. There will always be exceptions. I generally call vessels that don’t fit the generalisation by the title that describes them, such as, skiff or cruiser.





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Good humour to fill a book in this debate, folks!


“ships carry boats, boats have oars and don’t have decks” – true for everything except submarines.


At the risk of taking an interesting albeit terribly OT discussion waaaaaaaaaaaay over the top ... I'd argue m'Lud, that statement to be an unsupportable generalisation and would submit as evidence the 16ft skiff I used to own (a boat is a hole in the water you pour money into; the best sort of boat you can have is somebody else's, a bit like what sort of 4WD is best to take to Fraser Island or Cape York ... somebody else's, but I digress). My BOAT had decks and didn't have oars, and was definitely NOT a ship!!!!! 

I would agree with the first part of your quote that ships carry boats, and I'd be willing to take an uninformed hunch that in fact submarines do carry "boats" of some sort, likely RHIB/inflatable of some sort. But yes, for some obscure reason subs are usually called "boats". Unsure whether the septics call their (hardly insignificant) 18,000t subs "boats". That's one mother of a "boat"!!!!!!


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