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So the Tee jetty at Wollongong was also a wharf. To be relevant here it did have a rail line on it, connected to the Mt Keira tramway. I'm not sure if it was dual gauge and also connected to the Mt Pleasant tramway.


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While we're being pedantic, the plural of Wharf is Wharves.

And a Jetty can be a Pier, or a Wharf can be a Pier (determined by their construction), but Jetty and Wharf are mutually exclusive (unless they are "L" shaped and lay both parallel and at right angles to the shore!)

And the Woolloomoolloo Finger Wharf was so named because Australian Stevedores are all called Wharfies. They probably would go on strike if someone called them Jetters or Pieries.

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How do we account for “finger wharfs” (eg Walsh Bay) which are surely either piers or jetties??

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