Re: Balls Head

Eddie Oliver

On 28/02/2016 22:35, John Dennis jdennis412@... [LRRSA] wrote:
I guess that's American English. I have never heard of any Australian breakwater called either a pier or a jetty.

I'm not so sure. I think it was quite common when I was young for 'jetty' to be used for rock constructions that jutted out into water and had flat tops that could be walked on. [The word 'jut' may come from the same root as well.] They were arguably mini-breakwaters, so that perhaps there is another line of enquiry as to how big such a structure has to be in order to be called a breakwater.
provides an interesting array of objects variously known as piers and jetties, and breakwaters are also mentioned - perhaps someone could analyse the differences (if any) between those piers and jetties.

I hope that the good residents of Long Jetty on the central coast of NSW are not going to be compelled to change the name to Long Pier.

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