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How do we describe a difference between Manly (ferry) Wharf  and the earlier Amusement Pier alongside where people could look into coin operated machines and wind a handle to find out  “What the Butler saw”.  In Britain, there were many very long Amusement Piers. Some of them have even had electric light railways to save patrons a long walk.


To further cloud the subject, many of Sydney’s harbour-side ferry wharfs including some which were served by electric light railways are floating pontoons.  Some places where ships are moored are ‘Landing Stages’


The original bridge across Hobart’s Derwent River was built on twelve floating pontoons.


In Liverpool UK the destination of most of the former tram routes was ’Pier Head’


Noel Reed. (Pedant)---Traveller on Route 6A in Liverpool’s ‘Last Tram’ parade which like the last trams in Sydney in 1961 was held on an afternoon in 1957.

By 1957, the once-great Liverpool tramway system had been reduced to just two routes, the 6A to Bowring Park and the 40 to Page Moss Avenue. These routes finally closed in September. All was in a run-down and dilapidated condition, sad to see. Here is a 'Baby Grand' 4-wheel tram on the Bowring Park route.



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It should be noted – more as a point of interest, that the distinction between piers and jetties according to the The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea  is that piers are constructed on piles – hence what we have been calling jetties are in fact piers. An interesting point for pedants

The Oxford Companion may say that, but the Oxford Dictionary gives one meaning of jetty as 'small pier'...  Perhaps the Companion and the Dictionary employ different pedants.

Definition of jetty in English:

noun (plural jetties)

1A landing stage or small pier at which boats can dock or be moored:Ben jumped ashore and tied the rowboat up to the small wooden jetty


1.1A bridge or staircase used by passengers boarding an aircraft:aircraft will not be connected to passenger jetties during maintenance


1.2A breakwater constructed to protect or defend a harbour, stretch of coast, or riverbank:engineers constructed jetties in the river to control erosion

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