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BTW - Both of these issues of Trolley Wire can be downloaded as .pdf files
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Further to my previous posting on the subject, a very comprehensive article appeared in the December 1975 issue of “Trolley Wire” magazine, journal of Australian transport Magazines.   The 11 page article, written by the late Ken McCarthy, includes numerous b&w illustrations and detail drawings.   A sequel report of two pages covering the cessation of rail operations, appeared in the June 1976 issue.



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  A very good read giving the history of the site . I can remember dad showing me some of the ledgers  with different ships names on them  & the tonnage  loaded .There were a few old tipper trucks  on site  which were used for coal cartage  to hospitals  for boiler usage , foundries & various other small users of coal . The 60 milers would do a full turn round in 24 hrs for memory   & the company had 2 vessels , The Stephen Brown & the Wallarah which were in full time usage in the 50's& 60's . Both ships also delivered coal to the Nth Shore gas works in Oyster Bay for  conversion to coke & gas to homes & factories on the Nth Shore .  The Wallarah  was a steam powered vessel & Stephen Brown  was diesel .  Berry's  island  was a ship breaking yard  with  old hulks left to rot after the valuable parts were salvaged .



Cheers   Tom J .


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The following link gives a good history of the loader.

Jeff Mullier

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